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Canadian Pharmacy Exam - PEBC Exam

Hi and welcome to We are a group of 5 dedicated Ontario based Canadian Pharmacy Tutors who teamed up together to create the best possible online resource center for the PEBC Exam.

We have over 1,000 questions, tried and tested along with online resource packages which we have put together referencing from some of the most popular books for the exam.

Available Courses

  • Access our free PEBC MCQ demo here. Click on the link then login as guest to the left of the page.
  • If you are a foreign student, before you pass through to the PEBC Qualifying exam you must first must pass the PEBC Evaluating Exam. This course has been specially designed by our Canadian PEBC tutors and contains mcq's in the different formats presented in the exam, timed full exams, text resources, our dedicated PEBC forum, tutor support and much more! Unlimited Access.
  • The PEBC Qualifying Exam is for students who have completed the Evaluating course. The Qualifying PEBC Exam course gives you everything you need for the last stage in your journey to becoming a fully qualified Canadian Pharmacist. The course is packed full of resources directly written from the syllabus including MCQ's, online text books and tutor support. Unlimited Access.